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Rating: Average 4.8 / 5 
Alternative: Only I level Up
Author(s): GEE So-Lyung, JANG Sung-Lak, Redice Studio
Artist(s): GEE So-Lyung, JANG Sung-Lak, Redice Studio
Genre(s): Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Shounen
Type: Manga, Manhwa
Status: Ongoing
Published: Mar 4, 2018 to ?

Solo Leveling Summary

Sung Jin-Woo, Protagonist of Solo leveling was the weakest hunter of history. Everyone use to make fun of him. One day he went in dungeon with a team and they all caught in a mysterious dungeon and all member died but Sung Jin-Woo survived and reawakened as ‘Player’ by a system which made his strongest hunter to ever exist.

His destiny set to different journey to become more powerful and strong.


Solo leveling Wiki

One day mysterious portal opened from which dangerous monsters came out but with that many peoples awaken mysterious powers which helped to encounter these monster’s attack. People called them Hunters, who explore dungeon and fight with monsters.

However, Sung Jin-Woo awakened as weakest hunter ever to exist. He was just slightly stronger then an average human. He used explore dungeon with other teams as porter and to carry their stuffs.

Even tho it was tough he had a reason to do which was his mother who were in coma from a mysterious illness. One day as usual he went in a dungeon with a team but that dungeon had a hidden dungeon and all of them caught in it and died but only Sung Jin-Woo survived.

When he woke up he was in hospital and he noticed that something is different in her body and there were a floating windom in front of him. Because of a mysterious system he reawakened as strongest hunter to exist in this world.

He continued his journey to become powerful and to find medicine to cure her mother.


Sung Jin-Woo:

Sung Jin-Woo is the main protagonist of his story. He was a weakest and average looking hunter and mostly explore dungeon with a team as their support and porter.

After nearly dying he awakened as ‘Player’ by a secret system which control fate of world, god, demon etc. He become so powerful and famous. Later many secrets revealed and he get to know that he is chosen as ‘Shadow monarch’ who can reincarnate dead beast as his shadow army.

Yoo Jinho:

Yoo Jinho is the best friend of Sung Jin-woo and vice president of his guild. He is a D rank hunter and son of a rich father. He is also very humble, diligent, toward Sung specializes in swordsmanship and is business-savvy. But he had a odd habit of wearing fancy clothes and armors.

Cha Hae-In:

Cha Hae-In is the only S Rank female hunter Korea. She is specializes in swordsmanship and even after become S rank hunter she hone her skill everyday. Because of her an odd ability Mana Smell which cause the foul smell of hunters and monsters.

But only Jin-woo didn’t foul smell and after knowing him more she fall for him.

Around Jin-woo she always lose her composure.

Sung Jinah:

Sung Jinah is the younger sister of Jin-woo. Unlike him she is an ordinary human and don’t a single drop of magic in her body.

Thomas Andre:

He is the stronger hunter of America and 2nd strongest hunter in top five national level hunter. Because of his huge build and immense strength he nicknamed as Goliath. He is a merciless murderer and even fought with Jin-Woo to death.

Later he befriend with him because he has not seen any stronger hunter as Jin-woo.

Sung Il-Hwan:

Sung II-Hwan was top national hunter. While raiding in dungeon he disappeared and reappeared after 10 years. He was the one of morachs ‘Beast Monarch.

When he was in dungeon at the verge of dying, Ruler found him and gave him mission to kill shadow monarch. But he was the father of Jin-woo The Shadow Monarch so he couldn’t complete the mission and died while protecting Jin-Woo.

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Does Sung Jin Woo have a girlfriend?

There is not any love interest of Sung Jin-Woo but in light novel Jin woo marry Cha Hae. She also has love interest on him from beginning.

Is Sung Jin Woo the strongest?

Sung Jin-woo was the weakest hunter of the history but after the incident and reawakening as Shadow Monarch he became the strongest hunter to ever exist in the world.

Is Igris stronger than Beru?

Irgis is the strongest shadow Jin woo has. He is immensely powerful and number one rival of Beru.

What is a 7 Star Hunter?

Every country has similar way to categorize hunter’s power and standard. But The Chinese Hunter Association is different from others. It has Star ranking system in which the normally the the highest hunter is 5 star so according to them 7 star is the most powerful and rare because they don’t have any 7 star hunter.

Is Solo Leveling getting an anime adaptation?

No, there isn’t any official news about anime adaptation of solo leveling. So unfortunately we can’t say if it will get adaptation or not.